Roger Stone knows he’s next

Now that the Feds have raided the office and residence of Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, the media seems to have largely forgotten that just prior to the raid, most of the evidence pointed to Trump’s friend Roger Stone being the next in the barrel. Mueller has lined up multiple cooperating grand jury witnesses against Stone, and the indictment should arrive imminently. Here’s the thing: Stone hasn’t forgotten about it, and his behavior is giving it away.

Roger Stone has always been way, way out there with his words and behavior. It’s long been debated how much of this was because he was trying to create controversy in order to boost his book sales, and how much of this was because he’s just out there. But as one cooperating witness against Stone has been publicly identified after another, Stone’s behavior has gone even further over the edge. Now it’s going beyond the pale.

Nevermind that Stone has taken to calling his former friend Sam Nunberg a “coke head” and worse in recent Instagram posts. For all we know, that might just be for show. Now we’re learning that behind the scenes, Stone is taking things much further, and becoming much more reckless. Stone apparently sent an email to another former friend Randy Credico, threatening to kidnap Credico’s dog. This has come after Nunberg and Credico were identified as key witnesses against him.

At this point Roger Stone is so worried about what comes next, he’s recklessly risking getting himself charged with witness intimidation, as well as whatever crime you get charged with when you threaten to steal someone’s dog, in addition to Trump-Russia charges. Even if the media has momentarily forgotten about Stone amid the Trump-Cohen-FBI fireworks, Stone’s escalating antics and threats reveal that he hasn’t forgotten. He knows he’s next, and he’s just waiting for that knock at the door.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report