New York is giving Donald Trump’s state income tax returns to House Democrats

House Democrats are currently engaged in a (winning) legal battle to obtain Donald Trump’s federal tax returns from Deutsche Bank, and a (stalemated) legal battle to obtain Trump’s federal tax returns from the Treasury Department. Even as this plays out, there’s a separate matter of the state income tax returns that Trump and his businesses have filed each year in New York State – and that just came to a head.

The New York Senate recently passed a bill that would allow the state to turn over Donald Trump’s state level tax returns to House Democrats. Today, the New York Legislature passed that same bill. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he’ll sign the bill, which means it’s days if not hours from becoming law. So now what?

This means that New York State is giving Donald Trump’s tax returns to the House committees that have requested them. Trump can try to challenge this in court, but he has no legal grounds, and therefore no chance of getting anywhere. In other words, this is the real deal. Trump’s state income tax returns should reveal several of the same translations and red flags that Trump’s federal income tax returns would reveal.

Donald Trump has no chance of winning almost any of the numerous ongoing legal battles over the evidence and witnesses against him. His strategy is merely to drag it out for as long as possible. But with two federal judges having swiftly ruled in favor of House Democrats this week, and New York State making swift moves against him as well, Trump is already beginning to lose the legal battle.

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