New York Times fires back at Donald Trump

Even as Donald Trump continues to hold his breath and hope that the arrest of his friend Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges doesn’t lead back to him, he’s also found himself more defensive than ever when it comes to his immigrant child concentration camps. To that end, Trump exploded on Twitter today, insisting that all of the horrid conditions in his camps are fake news.

Trump tweeted that “The Fake News Media, in particular the Failing New York Times, is writing phony and exaggerated accounts of the Border Detention Centers.” He then went on to insist that he’s providing “care” for the immigrants he’s kidnapped and illegally imprisoned. As it turns out, the New York Times wasn’t about to let Trump get away with his lies.

The NY Times Communications account on Twitter posted this in response to Trump’s lying tweet: “We are confident in the accuracy of our reporting on the U.S. Border Patrol’s detention centers. Here’s how we reported today’s front-page article on the squalid conditions at the migrant detention center in Clint, Texas.” The account then linked to the reporting on the camps that the Times published yesterday.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to spend the rest of the evening ranting indiscriminately about everything and everyone. He’s since moved on to attacking every cable news network, presumably because none of them are saying nice things about him. Trump is revealing himself to be more nervous, and more narcissistic, than ever.

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