New York prosecutors zero in on Donald Trump’s money trail

Even as the federal criminal investigation into Matt Gaetz continues to dominate the headlines, the New York criminal investigation into Donald Trump is heating up behind the scenes. In fact the grand jury that’s in the process of criminally indicting Trump has zeroed in on the money trail.

Earlier this month the grand jury subpoenaed Trump Organization financial records that were in the possession of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg’s former daughter in law. She’s actively cooperating. It’s clear that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is looking to nail Allen Weisselberg and his son, in order to push them into flipping on Donald Trump, the Trump family, and the Trump Organization.

To that end, Jennifer Weisselberg is telling CBS News that the subpoena specifically included records related to the Trump-run ice skating rink in Central Park. It’s a “nearly all-cash” business, and once a week Barry Weisselberg would personally deliver the bags of cash to Allen Weisselberg.

This stands out as suspicious because large amounts of cash would normally be transported by an armored truck or something similar. The fact that the Trump Organization’s CFO’s son was personally transporting the cash directly to the Trump Organization CFO reeks of either non-reported revenue or money laundering.

If Manhattan prosecutors can convince the Weisselberg father and son to conclude that they’re definitely going to get convicted on the most straightforward of financial charges, it’ll increase the odds that one or both of them will cut a plea deal against Donald Trump.

Michael Cohen has publicly stated that based on what he’s seen in his numerous interviews with Manhattan prosecutors, there is already more than enough evidence to take Trump down. But if the Weisselbergs flip on Trump, it’ll make it even more of a slam dunk case. It’s more clear than ever that Trump is going to prison in the end.

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