New York prosecutors gain key witness in effort to criminally indict Donald Trump

It’s the biggest political story getting the least attention. The ongoing court battle over Donald Trump’s tax returns is taking place partly because a New York grand jury tried to subpoena them from Trump’s accountant. The only possible purpose of that grand jury is to criminally indict Trump on state charges, along with perhaps his family and/or associates. Now a new development in the saga has further escalated things.

Last month it was reported that New York prosecutors were temporarily springing Michael Cohen from prison so he could testify to this same grand jury about Donald Trump’s illegal hush money scheme. Cohen’s testimony and evidence alone are more than enough for the grand jury to return an indictment on at least one criminal charge. Obviously, more evidence and witnesses would translate to more charges, and a stronger case for trial. Enter David Pecker.

New York prosecutors are now letting it be known to CNN that they’ve gained the cooperation of former National Enquirer boss David Pecker, who was deeply involved in the Trump-Cohen hush money scheme. This comes just a few days after a separate report that prosecutors were targeting Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg for indictment.

At the time, Palmer Report interpreted this as an attempt at getting Weisselberg to flip on Trump, after Weisselberg previously flipped in the case against Cohen. Now prosecutors appear to be leaking Pecker’s cooperation in an attempt at getting Weisselberg to realize how screwed he is, so he’ll flip. In any case, the New York grand jury against Donald Trump keeps chugging along. He will be criminally indicted. The only two questions are who else around him will be indicted, and whether New York will choose to do it before or after the election.

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