New York Attorney General celebrates “major victory” over Donald Trump

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood is about to hand off the position to incoming Attorney General Tish James, which should be a smooth transition because they’re both rather eager to take on Donald Trump and make him answer for his crimes. While we’re still waiting to see how things might play out with state level criminal charges against Trump and his family, Underwood scored a different kind of “major victory” over Donald Trump today.

Here’s what Barbara Underwood announced today: “We just won a major court victory blocking the Trump administration from withholding public safety funds from our sanctuary communities. The Trump administration simply does not have the right to require state and local police to act as federal immigration agents. The Trump administration is now required to distribute this vital law enforcement funding to all the plaintiff jurisdictions and they’re enjoined from imposing these conditions moving forward.”

This is yet another reminder that, while Donald Trump is criminally out of control in too many ways to list, he does keep getting reined in on a number of these matters. As for Underwood, after she finishes her term in a few weeks, she’s set to become Solicitor General in the Tish James administration – making for a one-two punch against Trump.

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