New York criminal prosecutors seize boxes of evidence against Trump Organization

Earlier today Palmer Report told you that Donald Trump has hired a high profile criminal defense attorney to represent him in the criminal case that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is bringing against him, which means that Trump expects to be indicted and arrested soon. Now we’re learning what may have led him to this conclusion.

The Manhattan DA’s office has seized boxes of evidence against Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg from his former daughter in law, who is cooperating with the investigation, according to CNN. To be clear, prosecutors wouldn’t have been able to obtain a warrant to require these boxes be turned over, unless it already had some evidence in hand of Allen Weisselberg’s criminal guilt. In other words, he’s screwed.

We’ll see whether Allen Weisselberg ends up cutting a plea deal against Donald Trump. Weisselberg has been personally loyal to Trump for decades. But the more clear prosecutors can make it to Weisselberg that he’s screwed, the more likely it is that he’ll flip out of desperation.

Michael Cohen stated on MSNBC last month that based on what he’s learned from his eight interviews with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, there’s already more than enough evidence to nail Donald Trump. So even if Weisselberg doesn’t flip, Trump is still screwed. But Weisselberg’s cooperation would make a conviction a slam dunk.

In addition, even without Weisselberg’s cooperation, this newly seized evidence could be enough to put the entire Trump Organization behind bars –┬áincluding Trump’s kids. After all, Weisselberg was the one in possession of the cooked books.

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