New York state government chases Donald Trump out the door

This past week Donald Trump decided to officially “move” from New York to Florida. It was obviously an attempt at saving a bit of money, even though Trump tried to spin it as being all about his frustration with the New York officials who are investigating his crimes. Today, those same officials reminded us all that Trump is indeed a criminal, and they’re forcing him to pay up.

New York is pursuing Donald Trump on a number of criminal and civil matters, including a grand jury that’s in the process of obtaining his tax returns and is clearly looking to criminally indict him. While we wait for the grand jury process to play out, we saw one of the secondary storylines come to a head today. New York ordered Trump today to pay $2 million to compensate for the roughly similar amount of money that he stole from his Trump Foundation and gave to his campaign.

But Trump is no longer officially a New York resident, so he doesn’t have to pay it, right? If he thinks that, he’s sorely mistaken. If Trump fails to make the $2 million dollar cash payment by the deadline, New York can (and surely will) begin seizing his assets within the state. That could come in the form of bank accounts, properties, or anything else in New York’s domain.

Interestingly, this comes at a time when Donald Trump appears to be suddenly scrambling financially. He’s selling off the lease to his most profitable hotel, sacrificing future profits in favor of obtaining short term cash. He’s “moving” to Florida to save a bit on taxes. If Trump is this short on cash, does he even have $2 million on hand to pay the fine? In any case, New York is chasing Trump out the door.

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