Donald Trump finds a whole new way to blow it

“Failure” is the catchword of the Trump “presidency.” Now that Donald Trump has ordered all US troops withdrawn from Syria, his failure to destroy ISIS has passed from an administrative embarrassment to a fait accompli. His runaway deficit, serial stock market disasters, jobs lost due to absurdly planned and stupidly executed punitive tariffs, alienation of allies and cozying up to dictators – all have conspired to render this laziest and dumbest and least literate and most failed of all US “presidents” an unalleviated, unqualified disaster.

The latest failure in the growing list of Trump failures is his idiotic border wall. Despite a pathetic attempt to lie it into existence with made up statistics and nonexistent successes, then lie it into financing with a laugh-out-loud tweet that “Mexico is paying (indirectly) for the Wall,” not a single brick or bit of metal or piece of concrete has been erected into anything resembling a “wall.” Instead, minor repairs have been made to existing fences and old statistics have been hijacked and enlisted and woven into lies recruited to give form and substance to phantom “successes.”

The good news is all indications are that this odious wreck of a presidency is swiftly coming to its inevitably nefarious, criminal conclusion. Indications that the Mueller investigation will be winding up by mid-February should put to rest any further nonsense talk about this stupid wall. Meanwhile Donald Trump should do what he does best, play golf and sleep until noon. The next step in his “presidency” will be a long overdue, colossal downward one.

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