New twist in the death of Jeffrey Epstein

We’ve reached the point in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal where Attorney General Bill Barr is worried enough about how it might blow back on him, he’s now trying to get out ahead of it by pretending to care about how and why Epstein died while in federal custody. Barr is now speaking out about “serious irregularities” at the jail where Epstein died, in an apparent attempt to pin the blame on low level employees. But there’s more to it.

Bill Barr’s comments about Jeffrey Epstein are being reported in a new Wall Street Journal article which also claims that it was Epstein’s own attorneys who asked that he be taken off suicide watch. Considering that Barr is a frequent liar, and that the Murdoch-owned WSJ sometimes engages in pro-Trump propaganda these days, we’ll have to wait and see whether Epstein’s attorneys dispute this claim.

Either way, this report is already setting off widespread speculation across social media about why Epstein and his lawyers would want him taken off suicide watch just two weeks after he’d been found with injuries around his neck. We’re going to take a pass on that one, but suffice it to say that it makes the entire thing even stranger.

Meanwhile, at the least, this new report means that something isn’t right. WSJ says that Jeffrey Epstein still wasn’t supposed to be left alone like he was. It’s clear that Bill Barr is trying to frame this as a matter of incompetence on the part of the jail’s staff. That’s certainly plausible. But given Barr’s track record of dishonesty, coverups, and general villainy, no one should be taking him at his word on anything.

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