New trouble for Trump lawyer Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell made a name for herself last year, in a rather unflattering way, as she mounted a challenge to Donald Trump’s election loss and made a series of truly insane claims about the 2020 election being stolen, like the election being rigged by a Venezuelan dictator who’s been dead since 2013. After the votes were finally certified and Powell faced a massive $1.3 billion lawsuit against Dominion voting systems, she suddenly changed her tune and claimed that no reasonable person would actually take her nonsense seriously, so her comments couldn’t be considered defamatory.

Now, she’s facing a whole other world of problems – and might be wishing she had a better answer – or not made the outlandish claims in the first place. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is now using Powell’s preposterous argument to call for sanctions against her in court, along with three other attorneys, for filing frivolous lawsuits.

Unfortunately, Powell wants to have it both ways – even while gaslighting about the election being stolen, she claimed in February to have verifiable evidence to back up her claims against Dominion. She doesn’t want to be sued, but she doesn’t want to be disbarred either, a likely outcome for this particular situation.

It’s hardly a coincidence that we’re seeing more and more of Trump’s people bogged down with serious legal issues, right around the time he’s facing his own – and this will likely make it even harder for him to find a reputable legal team to face his own problems.

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