New trouble for Fox News

Fox death-news is having issues. The toxic station is getting even worse. It would not seem possible that they COULD get worse, but they are. Lately, some of their hate-pundits are openly talking about stolen elections. They are also attempting more than ever to dismiss the happenings of the January 6th insurrection. I think I know why Fox is doing this.

The vile network is a network without a home. Scores of MAGA have jumped ship, and their ratings are down. One of their odious competitors is Newsmax. Newsmax makes Fox looks like the Brady Bunch. And they’re going after Fox hard. Recently NewsMax featured a segment where pundits wondered if Fox had gone “woke.”

So, with all this going on, it would stand to reason that the frantic network would want to up their hate speech. And that is what they have gleefully been doing, although it is likely not going to make much difference, in my opinion.

Why? Because many in Maga still hate them. I see it even on Twitter. Fox is being bashed by Maga, who is accusing the network of being in the tank for Democrats. This sounds hysterical but think about it. Maga demands obedience at all times. Unless Fox does something extreme like come out in favor of insurrection, many Trump supporters will remain distrustful.


It’s damned if Fox does and damned if they don’t. So, lately, Fox’s rotting sewage hole has dropped any pretense of even pretending to be fair and balanced. I must admit it is amusing to see their panic. Here’s hoping the network’s viewership continues to plunge. It couldn’t happen to a nastier group of haters.

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