New theory emerges in Jeffrey Epstein’s death

Earlier today, the medical examiner released an autopsy report finding that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by carrying out a physically complex maneuver that broke multiple bones in his neck. As we explained before the coroner’s report was released, suicide was the most plausible explanation for Epstein’s death, as a murder conspiracy would have required cartoonish levels of villainy.

But even if you accept that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide – and at this point you probably should – that doesn’t mean that this was a one man operation. Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald, who has led the investigative charge against Epstein, posted this tweet which resonates quite strongly:

My feeling is he absolutely committed suicide. Now, ask me whether someone who couldn’t probably tie his own shoe laces without help [of] his butler could have accomplished that.

This of course leaves the question of who helped Jeffrey Epstein kill himself. If it was his protected custody cellmate, then so be it. But that would mean Epstein and his cellmate got lucky in that two guards who were supposed to be watching him just happened to be off secretly sleeping at the time, and that the cameras had been pointed away. There are also conflicting reports as to whether Epstein even still had a cellmate at the time he died.

The real question continues to be why Donald Trump has been framing Jeffrey Epstein’s death as a murder from the day it happened (claiming Bill Clinton somehow killed him), and why Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr has been treating this like something he needed to cover up.

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