Donald Trump has reached a whole new stage of his downfall

On Wednesday, the State Department’s Bill Taylor publicly revealed that one of his staffers overheard a phone call between Donald Trump and Gordon Sondland which directly incriminated Trump in the Ukraine extortion scandal. Trump didn’t even bother to fight back on Twitter against this new revelation – and when he was asked about it, he revealed just how screwed he is.

When asked about it by a reporter, Donald Trump said this about his phone conversation with Gordon Sondland: “I don’t recall.” Wait a minute here, that doesn’t sound like a very Trump-ian response. In fact we did a search, and Trump has never tweeted these words in his life. These are the words you hear someone nervously and tepidly dishing out when they know they’re in such deep legal trouble, they’re finally busting out the phrase that their lawyers told them to use all along.

We’re not saying that the “I don’t recall” defense never works. It’s just that the Donald Trump we’ve come to know and hate would normally have responded to such an accusation by insisting that the phone call never happened, phones don’t exist, and Gordon Sondland isn’t even a real person. This new iteration of Trump is clearly afraid to assert that the call didn’t happen. That alone means he’s roughly as overwhelmed by the first day of televised impeachment hearings as his Twitter silence led us to believe.

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