Mueller time? Multiple new sealed indictments just emerged from Robert Mueller’s favorite court

Last Thursday, updates to the docket for the U.S. District Court in Washington DC strongly implied that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had just indicted someone under seal. Sure enough, the next morning, Roger Stone was arrested. In turn, the wording and nature of Stone’s unsealed indictment suggested that Mueller was suddenly accelerating his pace for Trump-Russia arrests.

As of this evening, the DC docket lists four new sealed items. Let’s be clear here: these could be from any criminal cases going on in the entire DC court, and are not necessarily related to Robert Mueller’s cases. But indictments are only sealed like this when there’s a specific reason prosecutors don’t want the public – or perhaps the target – to know who’s being targeted. So at the least, these four sealed items involve cases and/or defendants in the public view. There are additional clues here.

These are the four sealed items on the docket: 19-cr-24, 19-cr-25, 19-cr-28, and 19-cr-29. Legal experts have explained to Palmer Report that the bunched up numbers tend to indicate multiple indictments against the same targets, while the gaps tend to indicate separate targets. In other words, 19-cr-24 and 19-cr-25 could be two indictments against one person, while 19-cr-28 and 19-cr-29 could be indictments against a different person.

Again, there’s a chance these sealed items have nothing to do with Robert Mueller. But this same process played out on the docket last Thursday in the same DC court, and the result was Roger Stone’s arrest the next day. So there’s a decent chance these are Mueller’s indictments. Even if so, that doesn’t necessarily mean arrests tomorrow morning. Sealed items can remain sealed indefinitely.

If you’re wondering about the most likely targets for the sealed indictments, as we explained yesterday, the House Intel Committee is just now initiating the process of giving the Donald Trump Jr perjury transcripts to Robert Mueller; we don’t believe he could use these transcripts to indict Junior any sooner than the middle of next week. However, the Senate Intel Committee has already reportedly turned over perjury transcripts from multiple unnamed Trump-Russia people to Mueller, and this could be any of them. It could also be someone like Jerome Corsi, who has already been told by Mueller that he will be indicted.

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