New recording of Donald Trump could seal his fate in Georgia criminal case

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has already begun putting her criminal case against Donald Trump in front of a grand jury in Georgia. Days ago it was revealed that she’s hired an outside prosecutor with a specialty in racketeering cases. She already has a recording in hand of Trump calling Georgia’s Secretary of State and pressuring him to alter the election results, which should be more than enough to get an indictment. But is that alone enough to get a conviction at trial?

It turns out the DA won’t have to rely solely on that one recording. Local ABC affiliate Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta says it’s obtained a recording of another phone call, this one between Donald Trump and a “lead investigator” in the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. If the DA didn’t already have this recording in hand, she’s surely about to have it. Why does this matter?

This proves that Trump called up multiple people in the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, and took multiple stabs at pressuring them into altering the election results. This means that if Trump was planning to argue that his one phone call was merely misunderstood, he can’t do that now, because the multiple recordings demonstrate a clear pattern of intent.

This news out of Georgia tonight comes shortly after news out of New York which suggests that the Manhattan District Attorney is on the verge of criminally indicting Donald Trump. At this point it could simply be a matter of which DA manages to indict and arrest Trump first.

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