New Lev Parnas bombshell drops a house on Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani

Some of the pieces of the puzzle were already publicly visible. There were videos of Rudy Giuliani consorting with recently arrested Ukraine scandal henchman Lev Parnas. There were photos of Donald Trump and Parnas going back years. It made clear that far more was going on between Trump, Giuliani, and Parnas than either Trump or Giuliani was admitting. But now there’s suddenly a whole treasure trove of documentation tying them together.

It turns out Lev Parnas is roughly as brazen and stupid as any other Trump henchman. He didn’t just trot the globe committing crimes for the Trump regime while pouring dirty money into the campaigns of various Republicans, he flaunted much of it on Instagram. Sure, his account was private, but that hasn’t stopped the Wall Street Journal from obtaining its contents.

Lev Parnas posted a letter from Donald Trump, thanking him for his “friendship and dedication to our cause.” Parnas posted photos of himself with various members of the Trump family, including Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana (what does she have to do with this?). Parnas even bragged on Instagram about the victory that Team Trump had scored when Bill Barr lied about what was in the Mueller report and the media initially largely swallowed. Bizarrely, Parnas was with Trump attorney Jay Sekulow at the time he made the post.


None of this proves that a criminal conspiracy exists among Lev Parnas and any of these people. But it does make clear that Donald Trump was lying when he said he didn’t even know who Parnas was. It also means that a bunch of additional people in Trump’s orbit are, at the least, material witnesses whatever was going on. Bottom line: this is really bad for Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

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