New court filing in DOJ case includes text messages that implicate House Republican in January 6th Capitol attack

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When the Department of Justice indicted and arrested the Oath Keepers leadership in January, it became immediately clear that this was the DOJ’s strategy for breaking through to Trump world when it comes to the insurrection. Since that time, one of them – who just happened to be Roger Stone’s driver in the timeframe of the Capitol attack – has cut a cooperating plea deal. Even as we wait to find out who all is going down as a result of that deal, we’re learning more through the court filings that the DOJ is making in the criminal cases against the Oath Keepers who haven’t flipped.

The latest court filing in the DOJ’s criminal case against Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes is nothing short of a bombshell. The included text messages show various Oath Keepers talking about House Republican Ronny Jackson as if he were in communication with them, and even asking for their protection, during the Capitol attack.

Jackson has released a statement asserting that he doesn’t even know any of the Oath Keepers, and that he has no idea why they would have been discussing him in this manner during the attack. But given that these Oath Keepers text messages clearly implicate Jackson, there’s little doubt that the DOJ is already investigating to determine whether or not Jackson was indeed a part of this plot.

This gives some insight into just how huge the DOJ’s criminal probe into January 6th truly is. It underscores that there’s a reason why the DOJ spent ten months flipping Capitol attackers upward until it was able to nail the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys leadership. Getting more of these leaders to flip is the DOJ’s path to breaching Trump world.


Three weeks ago the New York Times reported that the DOJ has a January 6th grand jury investigating Trump world figures and unnamed people who work in Congress, and that this grand jury has been active since at least January of this year. Now the DOJ is revealing in court filings that the leaders of the Capitol attack spoke of at least one House Republican as if he were coordinating with them during the attack. Whatever really went on here, it’s all starting to come out. So much for the DOJ doing “nothing.”

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