New developments in Arizona criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s election tampering

Last week Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs asked Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to handle a criminal investigation into attempts by Donald Trump and his cohorts to tamper with the 2020 presidential election results in the state.

At the time we noted that while Brnovich is seen as a Trump ally, he may end up feeling compelled to handle the investigation anyway – and that if he refuses to, then Hobbs will surely just ask someone else with jurisdiction to handle the investigation instead.

Now Brnovich is trying an interesting tactic. Instead of just ignoring Hobbs’ request, he’s demanding that Hobbs file referrals for any potential double voting in the state, according to AZ Central. In other words, Brnovich is looking to “both sides” this by playing up any rare instances in which a person voted twice.

Of course this won’t go anywhere. There will end up being few if any instances of “double voting” in Arizona, and the number won’t come close to the vote total that Joe Biden won the state by. Once this gambit by Brnovich fails, he’ll then have a hard time just ignoring Hobbs’ request for a criminal probe into Donald Trump.


Again, Katie Hobbs has made clear that she’s going to make this criminal investigation happen. So if Brnovich keeps trying to stall, we expect Hobbs will ask the Maricopa County District Attorney to take up the case, or refer it to the U.S. Attorney for Arizona. Hobbs has shown she’s not one to back down.

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