Donald Trump is cooking up something new and corrupt with Vladimir Putin

On a day in which one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters was arrested for trying to murder Trump’s political opponents, one would hope that – just maybe – the Trump regime would take a break from the usual corrupt antics. But alas, that’s turned out to indeed be too much to hope for.

Donald Trump chose today of all days to quietly, yet publicly, invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit the White House. The meeting, if it ends up happening, will presumably take place in in early 2019. This comes after Trump had to scrap his original White House invitation to Putin after he took too much heat for kissing up to Putin during their Helsinki summit.

So not only is Donald Trump taking no responsibility for these bombings, his administration tried to use the headlines being created by the bombings as cover for extending the invite to Putin without attracting a whole lot of attention. Perhaps even more egregiously, Trump and Putin plan to meet in Europe on November 11th – just five days after the midterm elections.

This November 11th meeting is presumably a strategy session for what to do next if the Democrats take control of the House and begin aggressively investigating Donald Trump’s criminal antics with Russia. The Putin regime is under active criminal investigation for rigging the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. The only reason for Putin to be allowed into the United States is so he can be arrested and placed on trial.