New arrest made in relation to Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal

Thus far we’ve seen four people arrested in relation to Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal, including Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. There’s a federal grand jury currently targeting Rudy Giuliani for indictment and arrest. Now we can add another name to the pile, as Ukraine has managed to arrest one of the people responsible for helping to manufacture the fake Biden scandal that was at the center of Donald Trump’s blackmail scheme.

Former Ukrainian politician Oleksandr Onyshchenko was one of the people who helped make up the fake Biden scandal to begin with, before fleeing the country after he was exposed for embezzling funds. Now he’s finally been arrested in Germany. This is notable because as recently as a couple months ago, this guy was still spouting the exact same false Biden narrative that Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani have been pushing.

It’s notable that Ukraine’s arrest of Onyshchenko comes as Rudy Giuliani is running around Ukraine and meeting with the most corrupt people in the country, in a last ditch effort at manufacturing phony evidence of his own innocence. It appears Ukraine is rushing to take down the kind of people Rudy is trying to conspire with, before he can get to them.


Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani is going completely berserk on Twitter. He’s now attacking Politico about an article about him that hasn’t even come out yet. He’s also making up words like “Witchunt” as everyone tries to figure out what he’s incoherently babbling about. At the rate things are unraveling for him, you have to wonder if Rudy’s arrest could come as soon as his return to the United States.

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