You’ll never guess who Rudy Giuliani’s new lawyer is

Earlier today, Rudy Giuliani revealed that he’s immediately parting ways with his defense attorney Jon Sale, despite the fact that he just hired Sale to represent him two weeks ago. This came even as Sale sent a letter to the House impeachment inquiry, announcing that Rudy would be defying the subpoena.

At the time, Palmer Report pointed out that something didn’t add up. Rudy Giuliani is now headed into a fierce court battle over the impeachment subpoena, yet he just parted ways with his attorney who had the impeachment expertise. Someone has to represent him in that court battle, right? Or at the least, someone has to represent Rudy in the criminal case that the SDNY is building against him, because he’s about to be arrested.

Rudy Giuliani just revealed the identity of his new lawyer: “no one.” This is according to an on-air MSNBC report just now. That’s right, Rudy is defying a congressional subpoena, he’s waiting to be arrested on federal criminal charges, and he has no legal representation. This means he didn’t part with Jon Sale today because he felt he’d found a more suitable attorney; he’s simply going forward with no representation.

Yes, Rudy Giuliani is an attorney himself – but just barely. Even a competent attorney would generally try to avoid representing himself in such a serious matter, and Rudy doesn’t fit anyone’s definition of “competent.” Rudy’s current lack of legal representation is bizarre. Is he planning to represent himself in court once he’s indicted? Is he that sure that a magic Trump pardon is immediately coming? Something is weird here.

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