Donald Trump gets laughed off the internet after he tries and fails to buddy up to NBA star

In a surprise move last night, NBA stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George both joined the Loss Angeles Clippers. This was obviously great news for Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, who has starred as a player and as a championship-winning coach over the years. For some reason, Donald Trump decided to try to buddy up to Rivers after the move. The trouble: Trump clearly hadn’t done his homework.

This morning, Donald Trump quoted a sports article that referred to Doc Rivers as a “big winner” because of the personnel moves. Trump then added his own words, “Great Coach, Great Guy!” Here’s the thing. Rivers has always chosen his words about Trump carefully, but it’s clear that Rivers hates Trump. At one point Rivers said that he “can’t stand” nearly anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Rivers has also called Trump the “worst person” when it comes to racial issues.

The famously narcissistic Trump only ever publicly praises a person when he’s under the impression that the person likes him. Trump has some kind of relationship with Clippers executive Jerry West, and so it appears that Trump has assumed that Doc Rivers also likes Trump. But of course Trump never does his homework on anything, so he would’t know that Rivers very publicly doesn’t like him.

The surreal tweet was quickly met with a torrent of comments making fun of Donald Trump’s clueless failed attempt at buddying up to Doc Rivers. If Trump were a normal human being, he might have congratulated Rivers on his big night, whether Rivers was a fan of his or not. But this is Trump we’re talking about, so we know what Trump was thinking when he posted this – and he blew it.

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