Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor is even more of a joke than we thought

Donald Trump is now on his fourth permanent National Security Advisor, and that’s not counting the two additional people who held the position on an interim basis. It’s a reminder of just how chaotic, ineffective, and scandal-ridden Trump’s regime is. Now it turns out the latest guy is even more of a joke than his predecessors.

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien appeared on Face The Nation this morning and said this: “Unlike my predecessors, I don’t get involved in conversations the president has with foreign leaders.” Wait, what? That’s literally the job of the National Security Advisor. The guy is flat out admitting that he’s only there as a placeholder, and that he’s not actually doing the job. That’s startling, considering he’s had the job since last September.

Of course Robert O’Brien has some stiff competition when it comes to being an embarrassment. Donald Trump’s first National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is now a convicted criminal who’s trying to fend off prison. Trump’s second National Security Advisor was H.R. McMaster who ended up calling Trump a “dope.” Trump’s third National Security Advisor was John Bolton, and we all know how that one played out. Vote these clowns out!

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