Nancy Pelosi rips House Republican stooge Thomas Massie to pieces

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie tried to force the entire House to convene in person today, including members who had already gone home, just to vote on the bipartisan coronavirus relief bill. Massie wanted to force House members to put their safety at risk by traveling in a pandemic just so he could prove some kind of warped point.

Thomas Massie blew it so badly, even Donald Trump ended up tweeting that he should be kicked out of the Republican Party. In any case, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi managed to work around Massie’s stunt today and get the bill passed, in the latest reminder of just how politically savvy they are.

Nancy Pelosi then appeared on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC tonight and sounded as presidential as ever. With regard to Thomas Massie in particular, Pelosi labeled him and his stunt a “dangerous nuisance.” It’s difficult to figure out how Massie has any future in politics after this.

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