Nancy Pelosi hits Donald Trump where it hurts

After he caved last night and agreed to postpone his State of the Union address indefinitely, Donald Trump further caved today by reducing his $5 billion wall demand to a lower, unspecified number. Somewhere in there, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said he couldn’t imagine why federal employees would need to use food banks. Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to take both their heads off.

When Nancy Pelosi was asked in front of the television cameras what she thought of the debacle, she said she wasn’t sure if Wilbur Ross was having a “let them eat cake” debacle, or if Ross was telling working class people to go borrow money from their “daddy.” This latter quip was a clear dig at Donald Trump, who infamously took huge sums of his father’s money, only to blow it on bad real estate deals and file for bankruptcy six different times.

Pelosi also separately ripped Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump on Twitter for her remark that unpaid federal employees should endure “a little bit of pain” during the government shutdown so that Trump can build his pointless and racist border wall.


It couldn’t be more clear that Nancy Pelosi is moving in on Donald Trump from all sides, and that she plans to finish him off. It’s not a matter of who will lose the government shutdown standoff; it’s already a given that the loser will be Trump. The only question is how quickly Pelosi can use the standoff to oust Trump from office entirely.

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