Nancy Pelosi drops the hammer on Donald Trump

This morning Donald Trump announced, out of the blue and without consulting with either party of Congress or anyone in the military, that the United States was going to immediately and fully withdraw its forces from Syria. Palmer Report immediately pegged it as Trump merely following a new order from his puppet master Vladimir Putin. It turns out we weren’t the only ones whose thinking went in that direction. Just ask the incoming Speaker of the House.

After Donald Trump made his bizarre sudden announcement about Syria, Nancy Pelosi quickly released a statement calling him out for it. The long and short of it is that she means business: “All Americans should be concerned that this hasty announcement was made on the day after sentencing in criminal proceedings began against the President’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who admitted that he was a registered foreign agent for a country with clear interests in the Syrian conflict.”

Nancy Pelosi didn’t use the words “Putin” or “Russia” but she didn’t have to; her point was clear. This is notable because the Michael Flynn courtroom showdown yesterday was based around Flynn’s confessed work for the government of Turkey, and didn’t even address his work for the government of Russia. This suggests that Pelosi, in her current role as House Minority Leader, knows something that we don’t.

This comes after Pelosi aggressively took on Donald Trump during a nationally televised showdown over his imaginary border wall and a potential government shutdown. The upshot here couldn’t be more clear: Pelosi isn’t messing around when it comes to Trump. She’s not even Speaker yet, and she’s already going directly after him. Just wait til she has the job in two weeks.