Nancy Pelosi slam dunks Donald Trump

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just watched Donald Trump try to distract everyone from his impeachment by playing chicken with Iran, only for the entire thing to blow up in his face. Now Trump’s poor handling of the Iran fallout has gone so far off the rails, Republican Senator Mike Lee is going on a public tirade about how awful the briefing was. Pelosi is stepping in for a well-timed slam dunk.

Mike Lee referred to the Trump regime’s Senate briefing as “the worst briefing I’ve had on a military issue” – which set off shockwaves considering Lee is a Republican who is typically aligned with Trump these days. Then a reporter stopped Nancy Pelosi in the halls of Congress and asked her what she thought of the briefing.

The reporter said, “Some people are calling it the worst briefing they’ve ever gotten.” Nancy Pelosi replied: “There’s stiff competition for that from this administration.” Pelosi doesn’t have to say a ton on a day like this, because Donald Trump is busy self destructing of his own accord, and his own party is kicking dirt on him.

But Pelosi did just make a point of reminding Trump that she’s still out there, holding articles of impeachment over his head. Even if Trump can make his Iran debacle go away, his impeachment will be right there waiting to cause him even more problems.

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