Nancy Pelosi reminds us why she’s going to destroy Donald Trump

We’re now just hours away from Nancy Pelosi officially becoming Speaker of the House. It now feels like such an obvious thing, it’s easy to forget that just a month ago, there was a concerted effort from moderate Democrats to try to block her from becoming Speaker. Not only has she overcome that, she’s won over some of the people who spearheaded that effort against her.

Congressman Tim Ryan, a moderate Democrat from Ohio, has been trying to replace Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic leader in the House since 2017. Ryan was one of the ringleaders behind last month’s effort to install someone – anyone – as Speaker instead of Pelosi. But now Tim Ryan is now emphatically singing Pelosi’s praises, appearing on MSNBC today just to drive his point home about how much he now supports Pelosi. How did this happen?

In short, Nancy Pelosi is just that good when it comes to negotiating things and pulling her party together. That’s half the battle when it comes to the job of Speaker of the House. The other half the battle consists of outmaneuvering the opposing party. We saw Pelosi stymie George W. Bush during his final two years. More recently we saw Pelosi completely own Donald Trump in front of the television cameras during their White House showdown.

Now we get to see what Nancy Pelosi can do once she officially gets the gavel back in her hand tomorrow, with a slew of Democratic heavyweights set to take over every House committee this week, and a clear public mandate giving the Democrats the go-ahead to go after Donald Trump with all their might. You don’t mess with Nancy Pelosi. Everyone who takes her on ends up figuring that out eventually.