Nancy Pelosi just did it again

Victories in politics are never achieved by magic wand. There is no scenario where anyone in politics ever gets all of what they want. Nor does politics simply come down to numbers and majorities. Political victories always have been, and always will be, determined entirely by leverage and maneuvering. The politicians who accomplish things are the ones who understand this.

When it first became clear that the United States was going to need some kind of financial relief package in light of the coronavirus crisis and lockdown, Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate cooked up a fully fraudulent “stimulus” package that would merely have shoved a bunch of unaccountable money into the hands of their wealthy cronies.

But Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, despite not controlling the White House or the Senate, nonetheless managed to maneuver their way into landing a stimulus bill that’s slanted far more toward working class Americans than the wealthy.


The bill isn’t perfect, but again, there is literally no scenario in which any politician is ever able to have full control over what happens. Despite having to deal with a corrupt White House and a corrupt Republican Senate, Nancy Pelosi still managed to tilt this bill largely in the right direction. Politically clueless people will attack her for not using a magic wand to get everything she wanted. But in the adult world, politically knowledgeable people understand that Pelosi just pulled of what should have been impossible.

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