Nancy Pelosi has broken Donald Trump

It’s not as if Donald Trump ever has been particularly high functioning or well put together at any point during his time in politics. In fact, since he’s taken office, Trump has clearly been in steady cognitive decline. But something has happened these past few days in particular, and he’s now spiraling downward in the cognitive department. It’s not too difficult to parse what’s gone wrong for him.

On Friday, Donald Trump held a meeting and announced in front of the television cameras that he had to flush the toilet ten or fifteen times. During that same meeting, he appeared to assert that he can control when it rains. On Saturday, Trump announced that he’s going to make it illegal for women to give birth during the ninth month of their pregnancies.

Donald Trump is now spiraling downward at a rate that’s almost painful to watch, even if you’re rooting for his downfall. So what’s going on? All you have to do is look back to Thursday, when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that articles of impeachment will be formally brought against Trump. This means that no matter how much time he spends rationalizing about how he was somehow the greatest president ever, the reality is that he’ll go down as one of the few who got impeached. For a narcissist like him, it’s a bodyblow.

In the few days since Pelosi made the announcement, Trump has fallen into a downward cognitive spiral in which he doesn’t know how toilets or rain or childbirth works, and doesn’t have enough going on upstairs to keep quiet about any of it. Nancy Pelosi has broken Donald Trump. She hasn’t fully broken his spirit – not yet at least – but she’s broken his brain. In the mental shape he’s in at this point, he might finish himself off.

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