Nancy Pelosi just brilliantly backed Donald Trump into a no-win corner

Now that we have an illegitimately elected traitor masquerading as President of the United States, any number of norms and formalities associated with the presidency have gone out the window. In most instances, that’s been profoundly negative for America. But now Nancy Pelosi has managed to turn a longtime formality on its head in order to back Donald Trump into a no-win corner.

We all tend to think of the president giving the State of the Union address of his own accord. That whole thing about the president asking the Speaker of the House for permission to come and give the address? That’s just old tradition that exists for the sake of unity or humility or something, right? Except, it really is binding. And so Pelosi has informed Trump that unless he reopens the government, he won’t be allowed to enter the House chamber and give the State of the Union.

We don’t yet know what Donald Trump will do in response. He could simply decide not to do the State of the Union, but this would take away his voice on live national television, which could negatively impact his agenda and his ego. He could simply reopen the government without any funding for his racist wall, but his base would eat him alive for it. He could try giving a “State of the Union” address on the White House lawn, or in a McDonald’s parking lot, but perhaps we shouldn’t be giving him any ideas.

In any case, Nancy Pelosi just reminded everyone that she’s playing four dimensional chess, while Donald Trump is eating at Checkers. Now Trump is facing yet another no-win angle when it comes to the no-win corner he’s backed himself into.