Now you see where Nancy Pelosi is coming from

The polls say that a growing number of Americans – on the verge of being a majority – want Donald Trump impeached. The number of House Democrats openly calling for Trump’s impeachment grows by the day. Yet Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been holding off on doing it, arguing that if impeachment happens too soon or under the wrong circumstances, it could tilt things in Trump’s favor. Now it’s clear where she’s coming from.

New polling from Quinnipiac reveals that Donald Trump is on track to get blown out in 2020 to any viable Democratic candidate. He’s losing to Joe Biden by a whopping thirteen points. Warren, Sanders, Harris, and Buttigieg are all currently beating Trump easily. Even some Democratic candidates who aren’t polling particularly well within their own primary are on track to defeat Trump soundly if they end up with the nomination.

It’s just one poll and we’re still a very long way away from the 2020 election, but these numbers make clear that Donald Trump isn’t currently within a million miles of being in contention in the 2020 race. These are “quit and go home” numbers. He’s screwed unless something big changes between now and the election. Suffice it to say that impeachment would qualify as “something big.”

Palmer Report has made the argument that impeachment – if done right – is likely to make Donald Trump even more unpopular. It would draw greater attention to the seriousness of his crimes, which would help turn the nonpolitical types against him. And he’s not gaining any new supporters at this point, so even if his base does rally around him during impeachment, then so be it.

But there’s still the unlikely scenario in which the impeachment of Donald Trump is botched, and backfires on House Democrats, and somehow makes Trump less unpopular – and it’s one that Pelosi has to consider when she’s calculating when, if, and how to impeach Trump. When you’re ahead by a blowout margin in the second half of the game, there’s always a risk in going for the proverbial kill. You have to make sure it’s worth the risk, and done right.

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