Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Maxine Waters just became Donald Trump’s worst nightmare

Donald Trump has spent a whole lot of time viciously attacking a whole lot of Democrats in the House of Representatives. But you’d be hard pressed to come up with three more favorite targets than Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Maxine Waters. In hindsight, perhaps it’s because these are the people Trump feared the most. As it turns out, the three of them just became Trump’s worst nightmare.

Donald Trump tried to make the case against nearly every House Democratic candidate by arguing that they were too much like Nancy Pelosi. But Pelosi is about to become Speaker of the House. She’ll now set the House legislative agenda. More importantly, she brings political savvy to the table that Trump lacks. She was the Speaker of the House who effectively shut down George W. Bush during his final two years in office. She’ll do the same to Trump and worse.

Adam Schiff is about to become Chair of the pivotal House Intelligence Committee, replacing Donald Trump’s puppet Devin Nunes, who will be demoted to ranking member. Schiff, a brilliant former prosecutor, will promptly reopen the House Trump-Russia investigation, and this time it will be done legitimately. He’ll also have unilateral subpoena power to pursue every one of Trump’s criminal scandals.

Maxine Waters is about to become Chair of the House Financial Services Committee. She’s been in Congress for a long time, but she didn’t come to national prominence until she began fearlessly taking on Donald Trump. He tried to use this by demonizing her and using racial stereotypes to attack her. But now she’s in position to launch an investigation into Trump’s financial scandals, and there’s no doubt she’ll do just that. This is Trump’s worst nightmare.