No wonder Donald Trump isn’t letting the doctors and nurses have the N95 masks

Earlier this week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed during his press conference that the Trump regime was sitting on the vast majority of the federal government’s existing supply of ventilators, and was only sending a small fraction of them to New York City where they’re needed.

This meant it stood to reason that the Trump regime was also sitting on stashes of things like N95 respirator masks. Sure enough, it turns out there are 1.5 million such masks sitting in a warehouse right now. They’re expired, but considering doctors and nurses are currently reusing masks as it is, these expired masks could certainly help them.

Instead, the Washington Post says that the Trump regime is giving the 1.5 million N95 masks to the TSA. No, really, the TSA. You know, those useless faux-security agents who make you take your shoes off at the airport and are mainly only there for show. Even if you think the TSA does provide a meaningful service, almost no one is flying right now anyway.

Yet the Trump regime, true to form, is prioritizing the appearance of security over saving actual lives. This is a criminal act on Donald Trump’s part, with deadly consequences. Now that Trump’s scheme has been exposed, hopefully he’ll be pressured into sending the masks to the medical professionals who need them.

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