Key new detail emerges about mystery Trump-Russia company being targeted by Robert Mueller

The mystery company fighting a Robert Mueller subpoena is taking yet another likely futile swing at protecting Donald Trump’s dirty secrets, and in the process, more clues about the company are being publicly revealed. This latest major clue helps narrow down the company’s identity, and rules out some potential suspects.

The Supreme Court has already ruled in Robert Mueller’s favor on the matter. But instead of complying, the mystery company is filing yet another attempt at getting the Supreme Court to see things its way, according to a new report from NBC News. Here’s the kicker: it’s now being revealed that the company in question is fully owned by a foreign government, which means Mueller is literally taking on a foreign government. Why does this matter?

If the mystery company were only partially government-owned, it could still be functioning as an entity unto itself, and taking this court action of its own accord without any government involvement. But a fully government-owned company would have all of its decisions made by the government. So now we know that a foreign government itself is trying to protect Donald Trump in his Russia scandal.


This still doesn’t prove that Russia is the country in question. But we previously learned that the company is a financial institution. So it’s a government-run bank, and the government in question is willing to go to the mat to protect Trump. It’s sounding more and more like we’re talking about a Russian government bank run by Vladimir Putin. In any case, Mueller’s actions make clear that he believes pulling off this subpoena is key to nailing Trump for his crimes.

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