MyPillow guy Mike Lindell goes totally bonkers on live television, gets shouted down by Newsmax host

Last week MyPillow guy Mike Lindell’s personal Twitter account was permanently suspended due to his ongoing insurrectionist conspiracy theories about the election. Yesterday the official MyPillow account was also permanently suspended.

Today, right wing propaganda outlet Newsmax invited Lindell on the air to discuss what it likes to call “cancel culture.” But Lindell immediately launched into a wild conspiracy theory about Dominion voting machines instead, prompting the Newsmax co-host to begin reading a legal disclaimer over top of Lindell’s rant:

The video clip is worth watching all the way until the end, when the exasperated co-host asked the producers to boot Lindell off the air, and then got up and walked away from his own desk in protest. Lindell and Newsmax ended up unwittingly proving that this isn’t about cancel culture; it’s about some people just plain sucking.

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