My Pillow guy Mike Lindell just took a major blow

Over the weekend the Washington Post photographed My Pillow guy Mike Lindell walking into the Oval Office with a document in hand that contained words like “martial law” and “insurrection act” on it. Lindell appeared to be there to deliver some kind of whacked out new insurrection plan to Trump. Even though such a plan would have zero chance of succeeding, it was still highly disturbing.

We’ve been waiting to see whether Lindell faces criminal investigation over this; a legal argument can be made for conspiracy to commit insurrection even if the act was never carried out. In the meantime, Lindell has taken a pretty major blow of a different kind.

Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s are now dropping the entire My Pillow line from their stores and websites, according to CBS. This should end up taking a major chunk of money out of his pocket, particularly if additional retailers follow. At this point it appears Lindell may be too self destructively out of control to care. But if another Trump goon wants to ruin himself, so be it.

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