My Pillow guy Mike Lindell has complete meltdown on live national television after Twitter ban

Last night Twitter finally issued a permanent ban against the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, after he spent a prolonged period of time tweeting lies about the election result and carrying out insurrectionist behavior. Now Lindell has found a voice at the one place that will still have him, Fox News. His appearance on Fox tonight is notable in that it suggests he’s completely snapped.

Lindell used his Fox appearance to claim that some other people were actually running his Twitter account and posting things in his name that he didn’t agree with, and then Germany somehow got involved, and then Twitter gave him his account back so he could post one nice tweet before it banned him, and… see if you can make heads or tails of this gibberish:

If Lindell actually believes any of the nonsense coming out of his own mouth, then he’s even further removed from reality than we thought. He keeps losing My Pillow retailers, now he’s lost his Twitter account, and it appears he’s completely lost his marbles. And so yet another Trump sycophant is throwing away everything for the greater glory of Trump, in a way that hasn’t ended up benefiting either of them at all.

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