No wonder Donald Trump is trying to muzzle Rick Perry

In the span of a few days Rick Perry has gone from announcing he was going to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry, to preparing his resignation from the Trump regime, to getting publicly scapegoated by Donald Trump, to being exposed as a player in a corruption scandal involving a Ukrainian gas company, to now publicly insisting that he’s not resigning. It’s been a whirlwind – and now we’re getting a sense of why Trump is trying to scare Perry into staying quiet.

It turns out Rudy Giuliani wasn’t just carrying out his Ukraine antics with the approval of the Trump regime; he essentially was the Trump regime in Ukraine. New reporting from the Daily Beast reveals that if anyone in the U.S. government wanted to do anything in Ukraine, whether it be a State Department envoy like Kurt Volker or a cabinet member like Rick Perry, they had to go through Rudy to make it happen.

This is completely bonkers, of course, considering that at no point has Rudy Giuliani held any position in the Trump administration. He’s simply Donald Trump’s personal criminal defense attorney, and yet Trump put him in charge of all U.S. government dealings in Ukraine, in order to ensure that all of those dealings were corrupt.

No wonder Donald Trump is publicly trying to intimidate Rick Perry, while privately doing whatever he must have done to convince Perry not to resign. Perry knows all about just how treasonous Rudy Giuliani’s actions, and hence Donald Trump’s actions, were in Ukraine. If Rick Perry were to cut an immunity deal and testify, he could take Trump down all by himself.

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