The House impeachment process is already turning Donald Trump into mush

Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee officially started Donald Trump’s impeachment. It’s still in the procedural stages, but make no mistake, Trump is being impeached. He seems to know it too – and it the whole thing appears to have hit him like a ton of bricks right out of the gate.

During last night’s Democratic primary debate, Donald Trump tweeted nothing at all. He had an opportunity to run counter programming, but instead he weirdly went quiet. Yes, he was busy giving a speech in Baltimore at one point during the evening, but he spent the whole time slurring his way through it, as if his brain had fully broken.

Donald Trump’s handlers gave away that the start of the impeachment process was going to hit him hard, as they leaked that they’re going to indict Trump’s longtime designated bogey man, former FBI official Andrew McCabe. But even that may have simply been for show, as there’s reason to believe that no such indictment is going to happen, and that the leak was just a way for Trump’s handlers to cheer him up a bit with false hope.

Here’s what’s remarkable. Thus far the House has had zero impeachment witnesses publicly testify. The House hasn’t publicly released any of the impeachment evidence that it’s been amassing against him behind the scenes. Trump hasn’t even been hit with anything yet, and just the mere fact that impeachment has begun has been enough to turn him into mush.

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