Trump just doesn’t have the muscle

– Trump didn’t have the muscle to stop the election from happening. He didn’t have the muscle to stop the ballot counting while he was ahead. So he sure as hell doesn’t have the muscle to magically overturn the result. This is obvious to anyone who still has their head on straight.

– If Trump launches an imaginary 2024 campaign next month so he can keep fundraising from his suckers, then so be it. Who cares? No one has to cover it. No one has to hysterically panic over it. Just ignore it. He’ll be in prison long before 2024 anyway.

– Some have suggested Trump will launch a phony 2024 campaign so he can avoid criminal prosecution. But that’s not a thing. Two sitting House members have been indicted and arrested in the past couple years alone. Being a sitting president comes with special protections. But being a presidential candidate offers you zero protection from prosecution. That’s just not a thing. If Trump launches a phony 2024 campaign, it’ll be about pilfering money, just like everything else he does.

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