Donald Trump murdered this man

You can make a strong moral argument โ€“ and perhaps someday we’ll see a legal argument over it play out as well โ€“ that Donald Trump played a role in the murder of twenty-two people in El Paso at the hands of a white supremacist shooter. But those aren’t the only murders Trump has had a hand in. Far from it. In fact, there’s no doubt whatsoever that Trump just murdered a Michigan man named Jimmy Aldaoud.

Jimmy Aldaoud spent nearly his entire life living in the United States, after having been born in a refugee camp in Greece. So what did Donald Trump do? He had his ICE henchmen snatch up Aldaoud and dump him in Iraq โ€“ a country he’d never even previously set foot in.

Aldaoud didn’t know the language, didn’t know anyone in the country, and had no way of getting continued treatment for his diabetes. According to CNN, he died of complications from that disease, just a couple weeks after the Trump regime dumped him in Iraq.

This is straight up murder. Call it negligent homicide. Call it what you want. But Donald Trump and the agents involved in Jimmy Aldaoud’s deportation conspired to kill him. They knew he’d die as a direct result of their actions, yet they took those actions anyway.

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