Donald Trump’s problems are multiplying rapidly

It’s been getting harder and harder for Donald Trump to salvage any good news out of his sideshow of a re-election campaign. He’s getting blown out in the swing states he barely captured last time in a slim electoral college victory – so badly that his campaign has all but surrendered Michigan. He’s hopelessly behind Joe Biden, trailing him by a larger margin than he ever did when he ran against Hillary Clinton, and his strongman stunts are only serving to remind people that he’s a dangerous lunatic who has no idea what he’s doing in office – something Trump himself can’t really explain either.

Not only has Joe Biden come out swinging against the most despicable policies of this administration in ways that make it hard for Donald Trump to double down on them, Biden is also ahead of Donald Trump in one big way: People believe he’s going to win. You might have remembered over the last year how pundits were predicting doomsday with polls that showed a majority of voters feared Trump would be re-elected in 2020, even though this wasn’t so much based on their love of Donald Trump (which his consistently high disapproval rating would show) as their belief that he would somehow cheat his way to victory again like he did in 2016.

While 45% of voters polled by YouGov in the spring said they expected Donald Trump to win, that number has now dropped to 40%. USAToday saw an even bigger drop from when they asked the question a year ago, and a number of betting markets now heavily favor Biden to win in November. It’s hard to attribute this to any one cause – between the disastrous pandemic response, the delusional meltdowns, the failed strongman antics – but this is in itself a whole other problem for Trump since news networks are now focusing on why Trump is a trainwreck of a candidate, rather than analyzing why anyone might vote for him like they focused on back in 2016. The bottom line is, Trump isn’t invincible and his antics are hurting him. Now all we need to do is rally all the voters we can to boot him out of office on November 3.

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