Multiple Republican Governors tell Donald Trump it’s over

Pay no attention to the people around Donald Trump who are still publicly implying that he somehow has a chance of magically overturning the election result; these people are merely giving him lip service because they’re afraid of alienating him too soon, or because they need a pardon from him on his way out the door.

Instead, pay attention to those around Donald Trump who are publicly telling him it’s over. As Trump drags this out, we’ll keep seeing more of this, because they don’t want his flailing antics to injure their own viability going forward. To that end, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker are both publicly telling Trump to get on with the transition to President-elect Joe Biden.


This comes hours after Donald Trump’s key evangelical church ally Robert Jeffress publicly acknowledged that Joe Biden won. Pat Toomey, the Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, the state that Trump keeps insisting he’s somehow magically going to win, publicly urged Trump last night to start the transition process. We’ll keep seeing more of this.

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