Robert Mueller has Donald Trump’s vote rigging scheme nailed

Earlier this week Paul Manafort’s lawyers accidentally publicly revealed what Special Counsel Robert Mueller already privately knew: Manafort gave the Donald Trump campaign’s internal polling data to Kremlin representatives and then lied about it to Mueller. This was a fairly clear giveaway that the Trump campaign conspired with Russian hackers to alter the vote totals. Now it turns out Mueller has the whole thing nailed.

Robert Mueller already interviewed Donald Trump’s top campaign pollster eleven months ago. This is being newly reported by CNN, which spotted the pollster in question leaving Mueller’s office back in February of 2018. CNN says that the observation didn’t seem significant until this week’s news that Manafort was giving the polling data to the Kremlin. Why is this so important?

Immediately after Donald Trump was named the winner of the 2016 election, it was widely reported that Paul Manafort had told Trump to go campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin in the final days of the campaign. At the time, it was already known that Manafort owed millions of dollars to a Russian oligarch.

If Manafort was telling Trump to make a strange last minute move like campaigning in “unwinnable” states like Michigan and Wisconsin, it had to have been because the Kremlin told Manafort to have Trump do it. The only reason for the Kremlin to do this would be that its hackers had already rigged those two states in Trump’s favor, and it wanted him visible there, so people would be less shocked when he “won” those two states.

Earlier this year the Senate Intelligence Committee quietly released a bipartisan report confirming that Russian hackers penetrated the voter registration databases in key swing states, allowing them to delete voter registrations. This was how Russia “rigged” the vote total: before election day, it took away the ability of a number of people to vote in districts and precincts that heavily favored Hillary Clinton. When these people showed up to vote, they were simply turned away. Most of them would have simply left. Some surely cast provisional ballots, but those don’t end up counting if your registration is missing from the system.

Now we have confirmation that Robert Mueller was already onto this scheme a year ago, and was already actively tracking it down. In other words, he’s got the Trump-Russia vote rigging scheme nailed. It’s a reminder that Mueller is very far ahead of the public on a large number of aspects of the Trump-Russia criminal scandal, and we’re getting closer than ever to the whole truth coming out.