Robert Mueller already knows about Michael Cohen’s big Trump Tower bribery meeting

Yesterday we learned – courtesy of Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti – that Donald Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen held a meeting at Trump Tower during the transition period with a businessman from Qatar who later allegedly bragged that he had succeeded in bribing the Trump administration. Now here comes the kicker: Special Counsel Robert Mueller already knows precisely what went on during that meeting.

This one’s not difficult to follow. Images published by Avenatti reveal that Michael Flynn also participated in the Trump Tower meeting between Cohen and the Qatari businessman. Why does this matter? Because Flynn already cut a plea deal last year. By definition he had to tell Mueller about everything that happened, including this meeting. Flynn cut the plea deal in order to keep his son out of prison, so there’s no chance he’d lie to Mueller about any of it it, because getting caught lying would mean his son would get locked away after all.

So Mueller has all of this, whatever it is. He knows precisely what Cohen and Flynn discussed or negotiated with the Qatari guy during that meeting. If money changed hands as a result of that meeting, Flynn has already shown Mueller how to follow that money. If Donald Trump knew about any illegal activities going on during that meeting, Mueller has Flynn’s testimony that Trump knew about it.

That makes this meeting potentially even more damaging to Donald Trump than the Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr and Russia. Robert Mueller doesn’t have the cooperation of anyone who attended the Trump Jr meeting, at least as far as we know. But Mueller does have the cooperating testimony of someone who was in on the meeting between Michael Cohen and Qatar at Trump Tower. This is a big deal.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report