Robert Mueller releases statement confirming Michael Cohen has nailed Donald Trump on Russia

Special Counsel Robert Mueller prefers to only “speak” to the public by including things in his court filings, and he very rarely releases actual statements from his press office. But as Michael Cohen was being sentenced to prison today, Mueller released a rare statement – and let’s just say that it’s really bad news for Donald Trump.

Here’s what Robert Mueller publicly stated today, according to CNN: “[Cohen] has provided our office with credible and reliable information about core Russia-related issues under investigation and within the purview of the Special Counsel’s Office.” Here’s the thing. Mueller already issued a sentencing memo on Friday, generically stating that Cohen had provided significant assistance, while also stating that Mueller had no position on how much prison time Cohen should serve. So it’s not as if Mueller made this statement today as a show of support for Cohen during his sentencing. Instead, this was clearly intended as a statement of a different kind.

Robert Mueller is rather clearly sending a message to the general public that the Trump-Russia election conspiracy was indeed very real, and that Donald Trump’s “no collusion” outbursts are nonsense. What’s interesting here is that because Michael Cohen is a proven and admitted liar, by definition he can’t provide “credible and reliable information” in the form of his testimony alone.

In other words, Michael Cohen has given Robert Mueller hard evidence that has nailed Donald Trump in the Russia scandal, and Mueller wants everyone to know it. Mueller apparently isn’t quite ready to blow the Trump-Russia conspiracy wide open, but he’s close enough that he’s now making a point of laying the groundwork by releasing a statement like this.