Robert Mueller is actively investigating at least one GOP congressman in Trump-Russia scandal

Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal continues to take him into new territory. Now that Republican Congressman Devin Nunes has published a memo aimed at obstructing justice on Trump’s behalf, we’re facing the question of whether Mueller will pursue criminal charges against Nunes. Now is a good time for a reminder that Nunes wouldn’t even be the first Republican Congressman being investigated by Mueller.

The investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal was always going to eventually lead to Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who has long been knee-deep in ties to Russia. Rohrabacher met with fugitive cyberterrorist Julian Assange a few months back in an attempt to broker a deal that would’ve been favorable to Russian interests. Rohrabacher has also been accused of being on Vladimir Putin’s payroll by his fellow Republican congressman, Kevin McCarthy. Back in November, NBC News (link) reported that Robert Mueller is investigating Rohrabacher for his ties to Michael Flynn during the election.

Based on this NBC report, we know for certain that Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation to include at least one Republican congressman who appears to have been conspiring with Russia and the Donald Trump campaign during the election. If Mueller is going after one congressman who appears to be dirty in the Trump-Russia scandal, that means he’ll have no hesitation in going after Devin Nunes as well as anyone else in Congress who’s involved. Who else might show up on his radar?

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell took millions of dollars from a Kremlin oligarch in 2016, in a move that was only technically legal due to the oligarch’s dual US citizenship. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan verbally panicked when he heard Kevin McCarthy accusing Dana Rohrabacher of being dirty on Russia, in a move that made Ryan sound guilty. There are various other Republican congressmen who have been trying to cover up the Trump-Russia scandal in suspicious fashion. Is this why so many of them have recently announced that they’re not seeking reelection?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report