Here comes Robert Mueller’s dramatic grand finale

When the news broke this evening that Robert Mueller had written a letter to William Barr accusing him of having misrepresented the Mueller report, Palmer Report pointed out that this leak could only have happened at Mueller’s behest or with Mueller’s blessing. Now another leak has surfaced tonight that also surely came from Mueller’s own corner, and it helps put something in context that was announced earlier today.

After the New York Times and Washington Post each revealed the existence of Robert Mueller’s letter, House Democrats revealed to the Daily Beast that Mueller wants to testify before Congress, and that Barr’s DOJ is trying to block it. You only need one guess to figure out who told House Democrats that Mueller wants to testify, and the source’s name surely rhymes with “Bobert Schmuller.” It’s becoming clear what Mueller is trying to do here, and it’s also clear what’s about to happen next.

Earlier today, Robert Mueller’s office made the odd announcement that Mueller is still technically the Special Counsel, meaning he’s still a Department of Justice employee. Why would Mueller still be on the job, now that his job is done? It sure sounds like William Barr is refusing to let Mueller’s employment end, as a way of preventing Mueller from being able to freely testify. But Mueller’s office also stated that there will be news about Mueller’s employment status in the “coming days.”

In other words, Robert Mueller is about to make his big dramatic exit. If William Barr is continuing to drag out Mueller’s employment, look for Mueller to announce his resignation. After that, it’ll be much harder for Barr to find a way to stop Mueller from testifying before Congress. Mueller wouldn’t be making rumblings right now about wanting to testify, unless he’s planning to swiftly put himself in a position to be able to testify.

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